Vision Player – Video player that will make you enjoy watching movies

Vision Player

Video player that will make you enjoy watching movies

Vision Player screenshot 0Vision Player screenshot 1Vision Player screenshot 2Vision Player screenshot 3Vision Player screenshot 4Vision Player screenshot 5Vision Player screenshot 6Vision Player screenshot 7Vision Player screenshot 8Vision Player screenshot 9Vision Player screenshot 10Vision Player screenshot 11Vision Player screenshot 12Vision Player screenshot 13Vision Player screenshot 14Vision Player screenshot 15

Vision player is a video player that offer an enhanced user experience with playing videos.

One of the key features is that it remember the last position when you stopped video and quit the application. Next time when you will open the application it will resume from where is stopped.

Another main feature is that you can easily download subtitles for movie that you watch. The process is easy and automatic, and the supported range of languages that are displayed is vast.

It’s showing all available videos in SD card in a pleasant way, so you can easily select and watch movies.

If the movie have multiple audio languages, the application offer the possibility to select the preferred one.

See more information and download apk file for android:

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