Bengali TV – Bengal and Bangladesh News, Bengali TV Shows, Bengali Movies, Music and Comedies

Bengali TV

Bengal and Bangladesh News, Bengali TV Shows, Bengali Movies, Music and Comedies

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•Watch West Bengal news, Kolkata news in Bengali.
•Watch Bangladesh News, Bangladesh TV shows.
•Watch Bengali TV Channels, Bangla shows, Bengali Movies, Bengali Music and Comedies.
•Learn how to make delicious home style Bengali foods.
•Search your favorite channel and add to your channels.
•Create and maintain your own watch list for viewing later.

Usage Guidelines
This application uses internet connection to stream video and visual contents, using this app on cellular network may incur charges on your bill based on the data connections of your network provider. This application works better on high speed internet due to the nature of streaming media.
If you face any issues accessing the videos please ensure that you have updated Google Play services and YouTube app, sometimes clearing this app data from settings may also help.
This application brings you the publicly available content and application owner not responsible for any irrelevant or restricted content.

Content rights
This app brings you the official free public content available on the YouTube to users in organized way with more usability by using the official API provided by YouTube Developer API and follows the terms and conditions of YouTube.
All the images and video content is owned by respective companies/individuals and the app developer is not the owner for any of visual, audio and video contents.
This app does not telecast live streaming of any videos, TV channels or host any content and does not violate any copy right laws. By using this application, you agree to abide by local and national copyright laws. If you believe any of the video violates copyrights, then please report the video to YouTube LLC. Learn more about copyrights on YouTube.
If you could not resolve the issue with YouTube and violates copyrights, please contact us through the support email. We will add a search restriction to remove the channel appear on this app.
Publisher Benefits
If you are a publisher and original owner of the content, you need not take any action since this application uses the official player API provided by YouTube and all the ads are directly served by them. In this case all the benefits go to original publisher and my app maximizes the reach of your channel/brand and bring more audience and revenue for you. Please visit YouTube publisher terms of service for more information.
How to Report Copyright Infringement
If you are a publisher or owner of the content and your content is published without your knowledge, please visit YouTube to make a complaint. Once the video content removed using this link, this will remove the content from this app and everywhere automatically.
This will ensure that copyright violators will be restricted from publishing future content on the YouTube.
For additional information please visit
YouTube Copyright Information
YouTube Terms of Use

See more information and download apk file:


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