Panasonic TV Media Center Latest Version APK for Android

download Panasonic TV Media Center apk
download Panasonic TV Media Center apk

Enjoy videos, photos, and music you like from many sources on your Smart TV. Panasonic TV Media Center is offered by ZappoTV BV. Last Updated: May 31, 2016. Current Version: 1.93

Just bought your internet-connected Smart TV or already have one at home? It’s time to Enjoy Your TV the Way You Want!
This Media Center for your Panasonic Smart TV enhances your Entertainment Experience and lets you get more out of your TV.

Download this app to:
• Enjoy media content from YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Podcasts, Uberstations, your phone or tablet, or your home network.
• Control Volume on your TV over Wi-Fi when Listening to Music or while Watching Videos.
• Share Photos and Videos via Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, or Email.

With the Panasonic TV Media Center app, you can do the following:

– Easily Search and Browse Videos, Photos, and Music and watch on your TV or mobile device.
– Access interesting Content from many Sources, many currently not available on your Panasonic Smart TV.
– Play media content from your phone or tablet (i.e. those nice and funny pics you took).
– Play movies and music that you have stored on your Home Network.

– Discover new videos every day for you to enjoy. Browse curated channels using our latest intuitive designs.

– Stream Videos, Photos, and Music directly to your TV or mobile device.
No additional installation or hardware is needed (except for this app).

– Access your Photo and Social Networking accounts to Watch on your TV.

– Create and Manage playlists of Videos, Photos, and Music and enjoy on your Mobile or TV.

– Select location and preference to filter the Video content available to you. For the first time, a video app that “speaks your language”.

• Search and find your music, photos, and videos from multiple content sources including your phone or tablet, your home network or the Internet.
• Video Search
• Filter the Video Content based on your Location and Language Preference.
• Create and Manage Video and Music Playlists
• Add Videos to your Favorites Channel
• Watch on TV (using our Play2TV functionality)
• Sharing via Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, or Email
• Continuous Video and Music Play
• Create, Save, and Play Slideshows
• Access to your DLNA Home Media Servers

• Video and Audio Podcasts
• YouTube Videos
• Your Music, photos, and videos (only from Camera Roll) from your mobile device (phone or tablet)
• Internet Radio provided by Uberstations
• Facebook Videos and Photos from You and your Friends
• Flickr Photos
• Picasa Photos
• Local Media Servers, any DLNA or UPnP AV Media Servers in your home network

• The “Now Playing” bar automatically appears when playing content to your Smart TV and provides information about the content that you are watching.
• Player Controls (i.e. previous, pause, play, next, and volume) appear, depending on the capabilities of your Smart TV.

• Link your Media Center app to your Accounts for easy access to your content.
• Set your language preference. Languages that are supported include (but are not limited to English, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and Turkish
• Submit Feedback to help make the app and experience even better or to share an issue with the team.

Read our Data Use Policy, Terms and other important info in the legal section of our App Store description.
We love to hear from our customers! Please contact us at for any suggestions and improvements.

What’s New

– Access to more online video content

– Improved playback of web videos on Panasonic TV

– Fixed couple of app crashes

– Improved playback of images from phone device on Panasonic TV


Panasonic TV Media Center 2017

Panasonic TV Media Center APK

Download Panasonic TV Media Center

Download Panasonic TV Media Center APK

Panasonic TV Media Center for Android

Download Panasonic TV Media Center for Android

Download Panasonic TV Media Center APK for Android

Panasonic TV Media Center 1.93 screenshot

Panasonic TV Media Center screenshot 0Panasonic TV Media Center screenshot 1Panasonic TV Media Center screenshot 2Panasonic TV Media Center screenshot 3Panasonic TV Media Center screenshot 4Panasonic TV Media Center screenshot 5Panasonic TV Media Center screenshot 6Panasonic TV Media Center screenshot 7Panasonic TV Media Center screenshot 8Panasonic TV Media Center screenshot 9

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