Chornobyl 360 – Chornobyl 360 early preview

Chornobyl 360

Chornobyl 360 early preview

Chornobyl 360 screenshot 0Chornobyl 360 screenshot 1

Chornobyl 360 is an interactive virtual reality documentary, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster. It’s a unique opportunity to visit the historic sites of the Chornobyl Zone and experience being inside the story of the world worst ecological disaster. Viewers will be able to see the Exclusion Zone from the birds-eye view with a 360-degree look. They can pick into a window of an abandoned house in Pripyat town, experience the nuclear waste management and the construction process of the new sarcophagus. They will also almost physically meet people who live and work in the Zone and hear their stories and experiences.

We’ve launched on Kickstarter to raise money for some further shootings and production to complete the documentary, Please support us here:

Download apk file for android:


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