Монгол ТВ Latest Version APK for Android

Монгол ТВ download
Монгол ТВ download

Mongolian TV's official app. Монгол ТВ is offered by Хуур Team. Last Updated: November 30, 2015. Current Version: 1.0.2

This app by using Mongolian TV’s are available in addition to watching TV programs in real time


Монгол ТВ 2017

Download Монгол ТВ

Download Монгол ТВ APK

Монгол ТВ for Android

Download Монгол ТВ for Android

Download Монгол ТВ APK for Android

Монгол ТВ 1.0.2 screenshot

Монгол ТВ screenshot 0Монгол ТВ screenshot 1Монгол ТВ screenshot 2Монгол ТВ screenshot 3

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Predicaciones cristianas Latest Version APK for Android

download Predicaciones cristianas apk
download Predicaciones cristianas apk

Christians excellent video messages for spiritual growth. Predicaciones cristianas is offered by Love apps. Last Updated: November 30, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

In must be connected to the Internet for the application to work. This time we present topics disertados by international pastors who talk about the events of recent days and spiritual growth issues of international speakers like Oliver Coronado, Alejandro Bullon, Pr. David Gates, Douger Bachelor, Pr. Stephen Bohr.

Some of the topics are:
Jonah Under Water
Esther in Luxury
Joseph Slavery
Destroying your mind
Nehemiah under criticism
In Flames
The hidden power of music
The message of the three angels
Events of recent days

We invite you to share this application with messages of the Bible in social networks like facebook or twitter or whatsapp and emails to friends, family and church brothers. God bless you


Predicaciones cristianas APK

Download Predicaciones cristianas

Download Predicaciones cristianas APK

Predicaciones cristianas for Android

Download Predicaciones cristianas for Android

Download Predicaciones cristianas APK for Android

Predicaciones cristianas 1.0 screenshot

Predicaciones cristianas screenshot 0Predicaciones cristianas screenshot 1Predicaciones cristianas screenshot 2

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Educación Infaltil Latest Version APK for Android

Educación Infaltil apk
Educación Infaltil apk

How to educate our children in true love and life. Educación Infaltil is offered by Love apps. Last Updated: November 30, 2015. Current Version: 1.0

You need to be connected to internet for functions
This application is for parents who want to improve relationships with their children and want to prepare their children for spiritual, professional and emotional success in this life. The videos found in this application are a guide to have children winners. The topics covered so:
-The Male figure and girls
-Hazards Adolescence
Why transmit values?
-TV, Internet and social networks
-The Child’s brain development
-Methods Discipline
-How To combat abuse
-The Importance of discipline
-the Value of religion
-The Male figure and children
You will also find international motivational speaker Alejandro preach Bullón who touches the topics for households in conflict “Restored Families” and issues in psychology professionals teach you how to educate and discipline children
We hope that the application is of great help to parents and all those who form the family, hope can share it on social networks like twitter or facebook or emails and whatsapp


Educación Infaltil 2017

Educación Infaltil APK

Download Educación Infaltil

Download Educación Infaltil APK

Educación Infaltil for Android

Download Educación Infaltil for Android

Download Educación Infaltil APK for Android

Educación Infaltil 1.0 screenshot

Educación Infaltil screenshot 0Educación Infaltil screenshot 1Educación Infaltil screenshot 2

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Ahhaa – Ahhaa is a free app that lets you inspire each other by sharing your stories.


Ahhaa is a free app that lets you inspire each other by sharing your stories.

Ahhaa screenshot 0Ahhaa screenshot 1Ahhaa screenshot 2Ahhaa screenshot 3Ahhaa screenshot 4Ahhaa screenshot 5Ahhaa screenshot 6

Ahhaa App Store Description

We at ahhaa believe that everything is relationships. Every person, business and organization have an inspiring story to tell which emotionally connects each other to be more caring, kind and helpful to others.

Ahhaa is a positive social network that connects inspiring relationships which leads into many synergies.
Individuals, businesses and organizations share their inspiring story, skill, talent, and passion behind a product or service they offer or just inspire and add value to the people around them and people they wish to do business with. Inspire people with awesome pictures, videos and feeds that propels the sense of value to humanity.

-Create your waves on ahhaa and inspire the world to take action in their lives.

-With Free Call To Action Users get to express their inspiration behind their product or service to deeply connect and do businesses with others.

-Free Call to Action takes users to the respective ahhaa messaging, url, whatsapp and email message to easily direct potential clients to the
-Every moment begins with the “Now”. Capture your inspiring geolocation “Now”, pick your positive attributes and share with your followers. The moment you feel inspired no matter where you are on this planet, “Now is a great way to acknowledge your moments and places and to validate others for their goodness.
-Tag people who are following you so they can be up to date with your ahhaa moments.
-Send a message to instantly communicate with someone or a business you are deeply inspired by and start working with them and create awesome synergies.
-You can also send a wave, and your “Now” location all through messaging too.
-Impact allows you to see how you’ve spent your valuable time making a difference in your life and the life of others.
-Follow inspiring people to gain uplifting insights and become part of inclusive world.
-With the Around Me feature you get to know inspiring people, businesses and organizations in your area in new light and thus work together and help each other create collective great destinies.
-Invite your friends and family from your other social networking platforms and from your phone contacts to stay updated with all your inspiring work on ahhaa.
-Create Tags for your waves to be easily searchable. i.e.. “Parenting Wave”, tags could be kids, parenting, mother, father, etc…
– See all the people your work is inspiring on a visual 3D globe and where they are located.
-Create or add a vision board to your ahhaa channel to create focal points for your goals and inspire others of who you are and where you want to go.
-My ahhaa is your personal channel that allows you to go live and tell your inspiring story via text waves, videos waves and picture waves which people can follow and work with you. This is where you share your profile story, see a list of all whom you’ve inspired, see all your waves, create your vision board, message people and see the positive impact you’ve created on ahhaa.

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ODEON TESTER screenshot 0ODEON TESTER screenshot 1ODEON TESTER screenshot 2ODEON TESTER screenshot 3

It solves installation and maintenance problem for IPC,clients could check and adjust exact camera angle easily,also can check the video and parameters instead of big and complex equipments like computer and NVR,improve work efficiency,there are two parts,one is IPC Tester,One is cellphone.connect IPC with IPC tester,Scan QR code on the body, download and start APP,then you could check the video and parameters of IPC via simple operation to finish a series testing functions.its easy and useful,support ONVIF IPC,could be used as wifi hot point,as well can charge your electronic devices as bank charge.

See detail information and download apk file for android:

AVY Viewer HD – AVY Viewer HD Mobile Viewer app for AVYCON Surveillance Products

AVY Viewer HD

AVY Viewer HD Mobile Viewer app for AVYCON Surveillance Products

AVY Viewer HD screenshot 0AVY Viewer HD screenshot 1AVY Viewer HD screenshot 2AVY Viewer HD screenshot 3AVY Viewer HD screenshot 4AVY Viewer HD screenshot 5AVY Viewer HD screenshot 6AVY Viewer HD screenshot 7AVY Viewer HD screenshot 8AVY Viewer HD screenshot 9AVY Viewer HD screenshot 10

The AVY Viewer HD for Android Smart Phones and Tablets is a free app that allows users to view live, playback, search, and take full control of AVYCON’s video surveillance products remotely in High Definition resolution.

This app allow users to view up to 16 channels simultaneously in live and playback. Also the snapshot feature allow you to take still images and save right on to your device.

Take full control of the PTZ cameras to move and zoom to any desired position and also use the preset feature to go to preassigned positions on the PTZ cameras.

To download the app, simply search for “AVYCON” in the Google Play Market, or go to our website at for more information.

Supported DVR Models:
AVR-TA900H Series
AVR-TH900E Series
AVR-H5000 Series

Supported NVR Models:
AVR-N9100 Series
AVR-N9200 Series

Please feel free to contact our Technical Support Department for any questions.

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ABC – Wi-Fi, 3G / LTE network automatically optimized connection!Gapless playback from Ole TV Mobile!Always Best Connected!


Wi-Fi, 3G / LTE network automatically optimized connection!Gapless playback from Ole TV Mobile!Always Best Connected!

ABC screenshot 0ABC screenshot 1ABC screenshot 2

(ABC feature can be used in mobile apps, Ole TV)

ABC will, automatically operate when you play a video / audio media app in the works (the “interlocking app”), so that you can enjoy the best quality without interruption as possible while using Wi-Fi.

★ go without interruption, ★ without the burden of data
It supports uninterrupted audio / video playback “on the subway, in a cafe,” you will be the “3G / LTE data costs” also reduces.


1) cram Wi-Fi connection automatically!
ABC we will connect automatically find the best Wi-Fi while using the app works. Once the app is disabled or terminated interworking Wi-Fi On / Off setting restores to its original state.

2) 3G / LTE data only as needed!
ABC uses the choedaehanreul Wi-Fi. If you do not use or have available sufficient speed Wi-Fi, ABC will use all means 3G / LTE data only as necessary for seamless video / audio playback, such as Wi-Fi. However, if you set in the Settings app or the phone itself works to 3G / LTE data used to Off it does not use the 3G / LTE data.

3) writing at a glance whether any network!
ABC is the network we will display currently used in the notification window of the video / audio playback. As if it appears that the Wi-Fi and 3G / LTE is the Wi-Fi speed is not enough to state that some of the supplements to the 3G / LTE.

1) Ole mobile TV set in the Data optimization settings (ABC)] ABC is working when you turn ON the function.
2) supports a live channel, Pooq and some VoD content now Ole mobile TV, the audio of the service are also available.

☆ bugs and feedback

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