Ahlulbayt TV Latest Version APK for Android

Ahlulbayt TV download
Ahlulbayt TV download

The Holy Household For Every Household. Ahlulbayt TV is offered by Ahlulbayt TV. Last Updated: March 31, 2015. Current Version: 2.0

Ahlulbayt TV is the first ever full English TV channel to broadcast the pristine message of the Holy Household into every Household! Here on your Android device, you can watch our latest programmes, find out what is coming up next and rate your favourite video. Our new reminders feature means you will never miss a programme again. You can also find out more about the channel, it’s message and the team behind it at ahlulbayt.tv

What’s New

Ahlulbayt TV Android App Public Release


Ahlulbayt TV 2017

Download Ahlulbayt TV for Android

Download Ahlulbayt TV APK for Android

Ahlulbayt TV 2.0 screenshot

Ahlulbayt TV screenshot 0Ahlulbayt TV screenshot 1Ahlulbayt TV screenshot 2Ahlulbayt TV screenshot 3Ahlulbayt TV screenshot 4Ahlulbayt TV screenshot 5Ahlulbayt TV screenshot 6Ahlulbayt TV screenshot 7Ahlulbayt TV screenshot 8Ahlulbayt TV screenshot 9Ahlulbayt TV screenshot 10Ahlulbayt TV screenshot 11

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iSpoWifiCam – iSpoWiFiCam APP is a remote controller using in JFK-X6S camera.


iSpoWiFiCam APP is a remote controller using in JFK-X6S camera.

iSpoWifiCam screenshot 0iSpoWifiCam screenshot 1

iSpoWiFiCam Description
With this app you can adjust settings in your JFK-X6S. Start recording, take still photos and even see the recordings afterwards. Perfect when you want to adjust angles etc.

Connection procedure :
1.turn ON the Wi-Fi on Android Smart Phone and X6S Camera.
2.search camera SSID and connect, the password is 1234567890
3.after established the Wi-Fi connection, launch the app.

1. Preview stream, Live streaming from camera.
2. Trigger action, In the preview stream, you can trigger camera to take a video or picture.
3. Support burst shot
4. Support delay capture.
5. Support video quality change.
6. Support image size change.
7. Support white-balance change
8. Format the camera SD card.
9. Listing photo & video files and download or delete files.
10. Single photo playback.
11. Automatic time correction with Android Smart Phone when established the connection.
12. Preview streaming is more smoothing.
13. Support video playback with audio before download.
14. Support upside down.
15. Support slow motion.
16. Support TimeLapsed record as video or picture.
17. Support change camera SSID & password ( remember turn off/on camera wifi)
18. Support Date-Time Stamp setting in video mode
19. Support playback time-lapsed and slow motion video without download

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/zcrrrl

World Telecast TV – World Telecast TV is a 24/7 Christian Live radio and TV Broadcasting network

World Telecast TV

World Telecast TV is a 24/7 Christian Live radio and TV Broadcasting network

World Telecast TV screenshot 0World Telecast TV screenshot 1World Telecast TV screenshot 2

World Telecast is a 24/7 online Christian Live radio and TV Broadcasting network. At Radio World Telecast, we broadcast Indian languages, primarily Hindi, Malayalam.
Our mission is to broadcast songs, messages, sermons, and other multimedia contents over the internet 24/7 for the glorification of His kingdom and also for the spiritual growth of our listeners.
We carefully pick and choose the material we broadcast, so that it helps, inspires, and encourages our listeners to build a Christ-centered life.


See detail information: https://goo.gl/h1mNmM

Clesh Video Editor – “Simply the best video editing app available”

Clesh Video Editor

“Simply the best video editing app available”

Clesh Video Editor screenshot 0Clesh Video Editor screenshot 1Clesh Video Editor screenshot 2Clesh Video Editor screenshot 3Clesh Video Editor screenshot 4Clesh Video Editor screenshot 5Clesh Video Editor screenshot 6Clesh Video Editor screenshot 7Clesh Video Editor screenshot 8Clesh Video Editor screenshot 9Clesh Video Editor screenshot 10Clesh Video Editor screenshot 11Clesh Video Editor screenshot 12Clesh Video Editor screenshot 13Clesh Video Editor screenshot 14Clesh Video Editor screenshot 15Clesh Video Editor screenshot 16

Clesh is a feature rich video-editing app designed for professionals and video enthusiasts. It contains more than 100 features and functions, and also includes free in app chat support. We think it’s the most complete video editing solution on the market, but don’t take our word for it:

The main features of Clesh include:

• 30 minutes FREE cloud video storage (Approximately 5GB)
• Rotate and flip your videos easily
• Frame accurate trimming with visible audio track by frame
• Take images directly from your video
• Slow motion any section of a video
• Free online support through in-app chat
• 18 real time video transitions
• Add titles
• Fade in and out of titles
• Color correction: black and white levels, saturation and white balance
• Add photos and images to a video
• Pan and zoom videos and images
• Fade video and audio
• Storyboard to allow combined shots
• Fast motion any section of a video
• Add metadata to your videos for search
• Search for text in your videos
• Automatically saves your progress as you edit
• Undo / Redo editing changes simply
• Publish to your device
• Publish directly to Facebook®
• Publish your videos to YouTube

With your Clesh download you’ll also get FREE access to Clesh online which gives you even more functionality:

o 3 video and 8 audio tracks
o Audio levels & stereo position
o Graphic overlay tracks
o Slip and slide (available on Android with hardware keyboard)

Clash is part of the Forbidden online video platform, also accessible online – go to http://www.Clesh.com and login with your app credentials.

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/CYCAjG

Snap From Video – Snap from Video app takes image from video at specific time.

Snap From Video

Snap from Video app takes image from video at specific time.

Snap From Video screenshot 0Snap From Video screenshot 1Snap From Video screenshot 2Snap From Video screenshot 3Snap From Video screenshot 4Snap From Video screenshot 5

Snap from video app is easy to use to take photo from video. take amazing moments from video as photo and save or share with friends and family.

How It Works?
– select video from gallery or shoot by camera.
– Click on button at particular time to snaps at that time
– Save and share snaps.

See more information: https://goo.gl/U0cSqN