Media Cast – MediaCast is a UPnP/DLNA client – Streams MediaServer/Phone content2 Chromecast.

Media Cast

MediaCast is a UPnP/DLNA client – Streams MediaServer/Phone content2 Chromecast.

Media Cast screenshot 0Media Cast screenshot 1Media Cast screenshot 2Media Cast screenshot 3

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Note: Please not that chromecast does not support all video formats. For the list of video/audio formats check the list here:

MediaCast UPnP browser helps browsing Media Server/Phone Media content on your Android devise. It also helps you play the content on your local devise or cast to Chromecast devise.

Play to: Chromecast / Local android playback

Stream to Chromecast
Local Android Playback
View Images of UPnP/Local/Dropbox/URL within the app
Cast Images of Dropbox/UPnP/LocalContent/URL/Folder to your Chromecast
Cast phone Video/Audio/Images to Chromecast
Cast contents(Audio/Video/Images) of the Dropbox to Chromecast

Browse and play phone content to Chromecast/LocalPlayback.
Please report your bugs in the comments. I’m doing it as a hobby, more features coming soon.

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Lorex SD Pro – Monitor your home from anywhere in the world!

Lorex SD Pro

Monitor your home from anywhere in the world!

Lorex SD Pro screenshot 0Lorex SD Pro screenshot 1Lorex SD Pro screenshot 2Lorex SD Pro screenshot 3Lorex SD Pro screenshot 4Lorex SD Pro screenshot 5Lorex SD Pro screenshot 6Lorex SD Pro screenshot 7Lorex SD Pro screenshot 8Lorex SD Pro screenshot 9Lorex SD Pro screenshot 10Lorex SD Pro screenshot 11Lorex SD Pro screenshot 12Lorex SD Pro screenshot 13

Lorex SD Pro allows you to view your 7” or 9” SD Pro wireless video monitor from anywhere in the world on your Android™ smartphone or tablet.

The app allows you to:
• View live video from all connected cameras.
• Change the channel displayed in live viewing.
• Save snapshots directly to your mobile device.
• Enable two-way audio with any of the connected cameras.
• Search and playback motion events saved to the system’s memory card.

• Android v4.0 and higher.
• A minimum upload speed of 512kbps is required. 1mbps or higher is recommended for best video performance.
• Selectable single-channel viewing only.

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Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ – You have photo or video you want to hide? Use "Hush Gallery", it easy and smart

Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★

You have photo or video you want to hide? Use "Hush Gallery", it easy and smart

Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 0Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 1Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 2Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 3Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 4Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 5Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 6Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 7Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 8Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 9Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 10Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 11Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 12Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 13Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 14Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 15Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 16Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 17Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 18Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 19Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 20Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 21Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 22Hush Gallery ★ Hide photos ★ screenshot 23

The best way to hide your photos & videos!

★ Hide photos & videos directly from WhatsApp , Gallery and other apps
★ Protected Gallery to view the hidden files

Start using “Hush Gallery” app, it easy , simple and smart

Hide photos and videos in a simple and convenient way:
– Select the files you want to hide
– Click the ‘Share’ button
– Choose to share with ‘Hush Gallery’

Use the “Hush Gallery” app to view the hidden files:
– Gallery protected via code
– Beautiful UI design
– Separate view for photos & videos
– Multiple selection option for sharing , deleting and unhide your files

How to Use:
Select album, photos, videos from WhatsApp ,gallery, file manager, etc, and choose “Share” ,then choose “Hush Gallery” , media will auto hide.

Need help?
Send us an email to before leaving a bad review.

The app supports these languages:
English , עברית , Русский , العربية , Français , Italiano , Español ,
Português , 中国(简体), Deutsch , Indonesia , 日本の , Català,
Hrvatski , Čeština , Dansk , Nederlands , Pilipino , Galego , Ελληνικά ,
Norsk , Polski , ภาษาไทย , Türk , Український

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Christmas Songs for Kids – Christmas Songs for Kids

Christmas Songs for Kids

Christmas Songs for Kids

Christmas Songs for Kids screenshot 0Christmas Songs for Kids screenshot 1Christmas Songs for Kids screenshot 2Christmas Songs for Kids screenshot 3Christmas Songs for Kids screenshot 4Christmas Songs for Kids screenshot 5Christmas Songs for Kids screenshot 6Christmas Songs for Kids screenshot 7Christmas Songs for Kids screenshot 8Christmas Songs for Kids screenshot 9Christmas Songs for Kids screenshot 10Christmas Songs for Kids screenshot 11Christmas Songs for Kids screenshot 12Christmas Songs for Kids screenshot 13Christmas Songs for Kids screenshot 14Christmas Songs for Kids screenshot 15

Jingle Bells | Plus More Christmas Carols And LOTS of FUN Nursery Rhymes 25 Mins Compilation! Here comes the BEST of Christmas Carols for Children plus the most Loved Nursery Rhymes, a perfect Christmas present for one and all! Join Elly and Eva in the wonderful Carols singing! The Classic Christmas Song for Children, Jingle Bells is here again! Sing along with Elly as she is on a Fun Sleigh Ride with Santa Claus to gift her Friends, Humpty Dumpty, Five Little Monkeys, Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Old MacDonald, Five Little Ducks and many more! A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! 🙂

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Animal sounds. – Animal Sounds for Kids is the educational application for young children.

Animal sounds.

Animal Sounds for Kids is the educational application for young children.

Animal sounds. screenshot 0Animal sounds. screenshot 1Animal sounds. screenshot 2Animal sounds. screenshot 3Animal sounds. screenshot 4Animal sounds. screenshot 5Animal sounds. screenshot 6Animal sounds. screenshot 7Animal sounds. screenshot 8Animal sounds. screenshot 9Animal sounds. screenshot 10Animal sounds. screenshot 11

Sounds are divided into 5 different groups: wild, pets, birds, aquatic insects. Total app contains 70 unique sounds and images of animals, all animals are given their name. We use only real pictures of animals to more closely acquaint children with them. The app is suitable for developing games with the child and to take the child for a while. This application will cheer up you and your children.
In the application is very simple to operate. You must select a group in the top tab and click on the image of an animal. You will then see its enlarged image and sound will be played. By clicking on the screen to stop the sound and picture of an animal disappears.
Animal Sounds for Kids supports both on phones and tablets, optimizing resources and images under appropriate screens and resolution.

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Big Time Rush Lyrics – In this application you can find all lyrics of artist.

Big Time Rush Lyrics

In this application you can find all lyrics of artist.

Big Time Rush Lyrics screenshot 0Big Time Rush Lyrics screenshot 1Big Time Rush Lyrics screenshot 2Big Time Rush Lyrics screenshot 3Big Time Rush Lyrics screenshot 4Big Time Rush Lyrics screenshot 5Big Time Rush Lyrics screenshot 6

Are you the big fan of Big Time Rush? Do you like Big Time Rush?
Well, then this app is for you!!

In this application you can find all lyrics of artist.
You can favorite songs easily.And display on favorites list.
Share your favorite lyrics or musics with your friends.
Good design and easy to access.

This application only for entertainments purposes.
This application does not make any violate the trademark of any music companies.

Please contact us if any kind of suggestions or comments about this application.

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