Video to Gif Beta Latest Version APK for Android

Video to Gif Beta apk
Video to Gif Beta apk

video to gif is a tool to create animated gif from video. Video to Gif Beta is offered by roman10. Last Updated: October 18, 2014. Current Version: 1.2.1

***new features: add reduce size profile, convert video to gif with smaller size so it’s easy to share in the web***

Android video to gif (also known as video2gif) is the tool to create animated gif from video. There are tons of gif maker tools available on Android, but few of them has the capability to create gif from video.

The tool allows you to convert video to gif easily. You’ll have control over frame rate, image resolution, repeat times etc. You can also view your gif files with the app.

Three clicks to video gif creator:
1. click a video from Videos tab or Browser tab
2. set start time and end time, and click extract
3. set frame rate, repeat, and resolution, click OK

* convert part or entire video to animated gif. Two kinds of interfaces are provided to select the start time and end time, including a seekbar and start time end time picker.

*browse your video easily. The app reads the list of videos from system database. You can also browse to a folder to locate the video to convert to gif with the Browse tab.

*preview your gif before conversion. You can adjust the frame rate, looping etc. and preview the animation before hitting the OK button to start conversion after the frame extraction is done.

*export, rename, share gif. You can long press an animation at the Library tab and select move, rename or share the gif animation.

****coming soon*****
support for more video formats: currently we only support the video formats supported by Android system. We will add support for more video formats (e.g. flv, avi, mpg, mov, rm, mkv etc.) in future release.

The app is in beta, so we expect users may encounter some issues. We always appreciate your feedback. You can leave your comments or send us an email.

What’s New


–allow choose of frame extraction frequency

–a few bug fixes


–better video thumbnail

–support more devices


–first release. Convert video to gif


Video to Gif Beta 2017

Download Video to Gif Beta APK for Android

Video to Gif Beta 1.2.1 screenshot

Video to Gif Beta screenshot 0Video to Gif Beta screenshot 1Video to Gif Beta screenshot 2Video to Gif Beta screenshot 3Video to Gif Beta screenshot 4Video to Gif Beta screenshot 5Video to Gif Beta screenshot 6

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prekenapp – Latest Version APK for Android

download prekenapp - apk
download prekenapp – apk

Listen mp3 sermons via this application. prekenapp – is offered by Last Updated: October 18, 2014. Current Version: 1.0.5

An app assuming, specially made for listening to MP3 sermons via tablets and smartphones. About 4000 Scriptural experimental mp3 sermons in your pocket. It was a long time not possible to listen via tablets and smartphones. MP3 sermons from websites Due to the continuing development of the Internet is now possible. Through an application (app) linked through to a dedicated mobile website sermons:

Suitable for mobile internet control via Apple IOS, Android via Samsung, and MS Windows. Not suitable to download sermons

For those who this mp3 sermons may also want to download, look through your PC here:
Convenient use! Find through the app store via the browser on your tablet, or via Google on your smartphone, and put it on your home screen or from your favorites … ..and spread the word to others !! The use is straightforward. Click on the name of a minister, then select a subfolder, or click directly on a sermon you want to listen, then click the play button after the sermon starts playing. Return to the home page via the ‘go back’ button of your browser, typically this is located in the top or bottom left of your screen. The sermons are played in JW Player, if the sermon can not be played download this (free) program play it from the app store on your smartphone. Helpful Hint! If you have a wireless Internet service at home, switch on at home over WIFI. This saves costs on Internet usage of your mobile subscription.

The sermons on this application sermons are in alphabetical order of the following ministers and pastors: A. Short – AJ Britstra – C. Stelwagen – E. du Marchie From Voorthuysen – G. Boer – G. Van de Breevaart – H. Zweistra – J. Catsburg – JJ Red Sant – J. Lohuis – J. P. Paauwe – Joh. Van der Poel – K. Veldman – P. J. Dorsman – W. Roos – WJ Teunissen – E. Van Ittersum – A.W.C. Van Dijk – D. J. Cologne, and others.

We live in a time when many of their smartphones and tablets life to worship. Daily beast from the abyss If this link a remedy in God’s Hand to glorification and worship of His never enough to value highly acclaimed Holy Name. Hopefully much use under the merciful and gracious blessing of the Most High to true repentance and further teaching is my heartfelt wish and prayer.


prekenapp – 2017

Download prekenapp – APK for Android

prekenapp – 1.0.5 screenshot

prekenapp - screenshot 0prekenapp - screenshot 1prekenapp - screenshot 2

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Rooster sounds free – Rooster sounds free is an application that simulates very well the rooster

Rooster sounds free

Rooster sounds free is an application that simulates very well the rooster

Rooster sounds free screenshot 0Rooster sounds free screenshot 1Rooster sounds free screenshot 2

With the free application rooster Sounds you can simulate the sound so beautiful rooster. The application includes several sounds of considerable duration that makes you to hear this wonderful song.

You also have the option to share songs with your friends by various means sending and whatsapp, email, etc ..

There is a loop so that makes play the sounds automatically without having to be aware of the device.

Periodically free application updates are made with more sounds.

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FLV Player for Android – This Apps can play and browse Flash media files FLV, F4V.

FLV Player for Android

This Apps can play and browse Flash media files FLV, F4V.

FLV Player for Android screenshot 0FLV Player for Android screenshot 1FLV Player for Android screenshot 2

This Apps can play and browse Flash media files FLV, F4V.Also Because built-in Flash Player & Viewer in Apps, you can play and view flash media files.
If you want to play FLV files, you use Vitamio (Video Codec).
So this Apps will prompts user to install Vitamio (one time only).
Please, choose install from Google Play.
In other Media files, you don’t need to install Adobe® Flash Player Plugin.

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